Tuition Cost and Scholarships

We work with every family to make Catholic education possible for all, through Arizona tax credit scholarships and other forms of assistance. Students who qualify for the free or reduced school lunch program may automatically qualify for scholarships to attend St. Charles Apache Mission School. 

Please see the various scholarship options below and visit the respective websites to apply.

Questions about tuition and the scholarship application process? Contact Alyssa Steele at .

Available Scholarships:

  • Arizona Department of Education Empowerment Scholarship Account

    Arizona Department of Education Empowerment Scholarship Account

    An Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) is an account established to provide an education for qualified disabled and non-disabled students. The programs’ main purpose is to provide options for parents to freely choose how and where to educate their children with financial assistance from the state.

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  • Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT)

    Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT)

    Arizona School Choice Trust is a state-approved School Tuition Organization certified to receive tax credit contributions.

    The mission of ASCT is to provide hope and opportunity for low-income children, foster children and children with disabilities through private school scholarships.

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  • Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO)

    Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO)

    CTSO has provided students with the opportunity for an education centered in moral, academic and faith-filled values. To date, CTSO has awarded tuition scholarships to more than 30,000 students. All made possible through the generous contributions of the public and corporate community, the Private School Tuition Tax Credit and the Corporate Tuition Tax Credit.

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  • AAA Scholarship Foundation (AAA)

    AAA Scholarship Foundation (AAA)

    The AAA Scholarship Foundation team has invested more than 15 years devoted to passionately advocating for the under-served, under-represented and academically disadvantaged members of our communities. Find out how you can contribute to change the future of someone in need through your tax credit donation.

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  • Arizona Leadership Foundation (ALF)

    Arizona Leadership Foundation (ALF)

    The Arizona Leadership Foundation proudly provides scholarship assistance to private schools and Lexie’s Law schools throughout Arizona with no preference to religious or political affiliation. We believe parents should have a choice when it comes to the education of their children – that’s our mission!

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