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20230714 091148Apache children in the 21st century live in two different worlds, one on the reservation and one off of the reservation.  While some parents choose to send their children to school on the reservation, others choose to send their children off to a nearby town.  The reality is many Apache children will never leave to explore life off the reservation. Those that remain are faced with many challenging obstacles: rising drug use, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, and the dangers of suicide.

St. Charles offers Apache families the opportunity for a quality Catholic education on the reservation, allowing children to stay connected to their families and their tribe and receive an education that will prepare them for life both on and off of the reservation. The academic, extracurricular, and spiritual resources at St. Charles enable students to achieve their goals and be successful in their communities going forward.

St. Charles has a negotiated tuition program with their families, meaning that each family pays what they can to send their children to St. Charles. This often does not cover the full tuition cost of educating a child at St. Charles for a year. Donations, therefore, are crucial to ensuring that students continue to receive a high-quality education at St. Charles.

Donations allow St. Charles to continue to support Apache families. Your donations allow students to take advantage of academic opportunities such as Apache language classes, computer classes, music, and art. Donations also support the religious mission of St. Charles, allowing students to participate in Masses, prayer services, and sacramental preparation. Your donation helps ensure a bright future for Apache children on the San Carlos Reservation. 


Kindly Mail Donations to:

St. Charles Apache Mission School
P.O. BOX 339
San Carlos, AZ 85550


We are so grateful for your support!